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1. I downloaded your product Visual Imagemapper 2.0.73 and it looks great. but, i could not find any zoom options. so please tell me does your product have any kind of zoom? I would be great to have zoom option, at least 2 and 4 times... thanks.
Version: 2.0.73 Date : September 12th 2006

Visual Imagemapper 2.0 do not have any zoom features, but Visual Imagemapper 3.0 have zoom features. The zoom range from 25% to 500%.

2. If I in the HREF property write a url e.g., this will not open correct in the browser window, what is wrong?
Version: All Date : September 14th 2006

Instead of writing, also add http://, e.g. write This will fix the problem.

3. I would like to know how do I set the image border to zero in Visual ImageMapper 3.1.
Version: 3.1.52 Date : September 16th 2006

There has been discovered a bug according to this issue.
Here is a workaround to this bug.
- Start/open an image map
- In Map Properties, set the Border to 1 (or any number greater than 0) and press enter.
- Then set the border back to 0 and press enter.
- The border has now been set to 0.

4. How do I implement the image map into my homepage?
Version: All Date : September 12th 2006

The best way to do this is to create the web page in your favorite web editor, then
1. Open the html page in Visual Imagemapper.
2. Edit the selected image (create the image map).
3. Save the file.

5. I have upgraded to Microsoft Vista and I cannot open this program anymore. Can you please help?
Version: All Date : March 8th 2007

We have not tested Visual Imagemapper on Microsoft Vista, and therefore we cannot guarantee that it will work on this OS.
We will in the future release an update that should work on Microsoft Vista, but the release date is unknown.

6. I first bought Visual Imagemapper in December 2004, and was supplied at that time with serial no XXXXXXXXXXXX.
Having downloaded the latest build I am presented with an activation box, but having entered my name and serial no all I then get is an error message.
I have tried it several times, and the response is always the same. Could you help please.
Version: All Date : March 8th 2007

We have added online activation to our products, all customers that have purchased Visual Imagemapper before June. 2006 should contact us for new username and serial code.

7. I try to copy a url to the href field and it will duplicate the object, not allowing to paste a url. Its a headache since i have to type the hold url by hand
Version: All Date : July 31st 2007

This issue is fixed in the version 4 of Visual Imagemapper.

8. I bought your product but there seems to be a problem when activating. What should I do?
Version: All Date : April 11th 2009

When you register our software you will be mailed a username and password.

After receiving your username and password, type this into the activation form. The information will then be sent to the activation server, to verify that the information entered is valid. Data will then be returned to the software, reporting whether the activation was successful or not.

If you've used Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office or many of the Adobe products you have already used a similar activation system.

Usually the activation should run without any problem, but sometimes unwanted behaviours appear. The main reason for activation not to complete correctly is because your Firewall is blocking the activation request.

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