Vicentas Free ActiveX Collection
  • Windows XP, 2000, ME, Vista, 7, 8.
All these components are developed in VB6 using the latest VB6 Service Packs.
The Vicentas Free ActiveX Collection is a package of ActiveX component we have developed during the years. We will add more controls on a regular basis, check therefor this site often for both new control or updating off the existing components.

Our ActiveX collection consists of the following components that you freely can distribute with your software.


Vicentas MiniMap Component (OCX)
This component is useful when you want to add a minimap to an existing large map. A minimap or a navigation map are often been seen in graphic tools.

Vicentas AdminTool Component (DLL)
Get fast access to properties about the user and what access the user are granted on the system.

Vicentas Folder Component (DLL)
Useful tool to search folders for files and other folders.


Screenshots from the components in Vicentas Free ActiveX Collection. Click on the images to view a large version.
  • MiniMap Screenshot
  • FolderTool Screenshot
  • AdminTool Screenshot

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