Visual Imagemapper Features

Here are some of the powerful features that you could find in Visual Imagemapper. Please Download our 30-days trial edition and test it for yourself.

  • Load and save already existing image maps.
  • Edit the hotspots in wysiwyg mode and text mode.
  • Possible to rotate polygons and rectangles.
  • Scale or flip all type of hotspots.
  • Preview the document in both internal and external browser.
  • Set different color on each hotspot, making it easier to work on document with many hotspots.
  • Lock hotspots so it can't be moved or deleted by accident.
  • Undo and Redo hotspots events in wysiwyg mode.
  • Possible to change hotspot type after the hotspot has been painted to the document.
  • Zoom to working document, from 25% to 500%.
  • When opening an html document, every picture in the file can be opened and worked with.
  • Because of the tabbed interface, multiple image maps can be opened and worked with.
  • Copy and Paste figures between all working documents.
  • You can copy the MAP code directly to the clipboard without saving it to an file first.
  • Add and remove point in polygons at anytime.
  • You can manually edit the hotspots coordinates, this give you the possibility to place an figure exactly where you want.

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