Compare Imagemap tools
Visual Imagemapper have much more features to offer than it's competitors, take a look at the chart below and compare for yourself.
Features And Benefits
Manually Edit hotspots
Possibility to rotate polygons and rectangles
Hotspot Wizard
Built-in Internalpreview browser
Set different color on each figure during design
Lock Figures
Undo/Redo events
Possible to change figure type
Zooming possibility
Multiple maps can be opened and worked with at the same time
Copy and Paste hotspots between all working documents.
Test your imagemap in your standard browser
Viewable HTML Code
Support all javascript events on start.
Save your image map to an existing html page
Free upgrades for life
Possibility to save a file in CERN or NCSA file format
Customize your own interface
Hints on item in the property window
Design rulers

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