Cretica Invoice Features

Here are some of the powerful features that you could find in Cretica Invoice.

Description Free Std Pro
Invoice accross multiple pages
Include fixed items on the invoice
Manage item categories
Merge items
No customer limit 15
No item limit 10
Trade register
Customer register
Group customers
Print invoices
Mark invoice as paid
Generate reminders
Backup and restore
Built-in reports ready to be printed
Mass invoicing 10
Unlimited items per invoice
Invoice templates
Preview invoices and reports
Export to multiple formats
Exchange data between Cretica company profiles
Change settings, setup ++
Part numbers
User friendly interface
Selectable VAT-rates (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish etc.)
Search all lists
Get notified about updates
Discounted upgrades
Supports multiple printers
Save invoice/reports as PDF
Quick and easy mass PDF invoicing
Automated backups
Unlimited company profiles 1 1
Custom company logo on invoices
Cretica Designer, make your own invoice layouts
Send invoice as e-mail -
Insert KID number
Automatically generated invoices.
Change quickly between company profiles.
Manage special offers
Print barcodes on invoices
Global price adjustments
Custom fields
Password protection
Different templates for different customers
Monitored items stock
Project time accounting

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