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Vicentas releases MaxShredder

November 8th 2006

Today Vicentas announces the release of our new software called MaxShredder. When you delete a file in Windows, it isn't physically deleted. It is marked as deleted in the system, and after a while other files will overwrite it. Therefore, a long time can pass before all traces of the file are gone from the system. MaxShredder makes sure all traces of a file is removed from the system. MaxShredder does this by overwriting the files in a particular pattern before they are deleted. MaxShredder's shredding technology is based on the most known and recommended technologies for overwriting files. This is to ensure that no one can restore your files, and thus read sensitive information To evaluate MaxShredder, users can download a 15-days trial version from the company's website. The full version is priced at USD $29.95 for a single license. Read at the Purchase screen for more purchasing options. The full version also includes free technical support, and free lifetime updates.

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